Be The Bait

Thanks to one of the biggest fisher’s of men, Z Radio, for inspiring this post…

Ever find yourself in a position where you would have, decades previous, bet a million dollars it would never happen? But for some mysterious reason, there you are, bigger than life, doing what you said you wouldn’t ever or couldn’t ever do?

So there I am, this past Sunday, delivering the Homily (Sermon) to dozens of Kindergarten – 5th Grade children. The Gospel message was to follow Jesus and be fishers of men.

Be the bait. You help catch ’em, he’ll clean ’em.

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50 Days Later

Is Pentecost A Tool?
Is Pentecost A Tool?

You know who shapes the minds, bodies and spirits of children?

No, seriously, do you know?

You do!

It was 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection that the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Some say this is the day the Church was born. This morning, it’s my privilege to help several dozen youngsters understand this a little better than they did yesterday.

And 50 days from today, will it still be with them? What kind of pressure do you place on yourself to be a beacon for children?


Yes, indecision. Still. And it’s only been two hours since Catechism and I’m still torn. Miss Jenny said, “Follow your heart.”

“My heart says stay. My logic says quit”, I reply without hesitating.

Our class was smaller and more intimate, and Miss Jenny and I both thought sitting on the floor (for the first time ever), would be a good state change.

If you’ve never tried to capture and maintain a group of children’s attention between 6:30pm and 7:45pm, then you have not experienced one of life’s great challenges. Whew, it’s one tough teaching assignment.

But tonight (actually last night) was glorious (not perfect), and if they were all like this, it’d be easier. But they won’t be and it isn’t.