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Do They Think You’re God?

A Dog's Life (His 18th Day In His New Home)
A Dog's Life At 10 Weeks Old

He ain’t so little any more. And at six months, he’s still got some growing to do.

Are you still growing spiritually?

You probably know this, but just in case, picking and choosing when we feel like growing spiritually is a slippery slope.

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At 6 Months, He Still Thinks I'm God
At 6 Months, He Still Thinks I'm God
How Can You Tell?

Who’s In Charge?

Are You Looking At Me?
Are You Looking At Me?

Ever find yourself criticizing others? You know, the easy temptation to judge someone else’s habits, say a person who attends Church and publicly displays their Christianity or Spirituality?

We watch these “Christians” and score them based on what we see them do.

Do you ever wonder how many others are doing the same thing to you?

Ever wonder what score you are getting?

It’s easy to see the plank in another’s eye, but not see the one in ours.