Volunteering Is A Lifestyle

Didn’t consciously think about this until our son was born in 2000. In studying human nature, I concluded there were several choices: Volunteering for things that take you away from your Family Volunteering for things that do not take you away from your Family Volunteering for a little of both Not volunteering This morning, I’m […]

Two Big Prayers?

Two Big Prayers? Pray that I can achieve the following two impossible goals: To become the kind of person my dog thinks I am. That when our son goes looking for Jesus, he’ll only have to look across the dining room table. Do you have a few really BIG goals in your life? Are you […]

Z88.3 is the Best Radio Station

Is Z88.3 the best radio station in Central Florida? No. It’s the best Contemporary Christian radio station in the world. Tune in to 88.3 or 88.7 to listen here in Orlando. You can also visit www.zradio.org from anywhere in the world to listen. Either way, it’s a life-saver for me. Has been for years. And […]

Blessed Beyond Measure?

Blessed Beyond Measure? What does that mean, blessed beyond measure? Ever thought about that? We have so many blessings that it’s almost too good to be true. But in order to “cash in” on them, I believe we have to be aware. Not much awareness goes on in an overly busy schedule. I know. I’m […]

Above All?

Above all what? Cleaning up some emails and came across a You Tube video clip link. A Family member sent it. This impactful song was even more so, with the addition of the lyrics and photos. It’s a song by Michael W. Smith. Click here to play, Above All. Little things like this, when I […]