The biggest reason why Christianity gets a bad rap from some

  One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, or does it? Christianity is such a lofty aspiration – to be a good and decent person all the time. Yet we are flawed individuals. Every last one of us. Weirdly, and inappropriately, we expect Christians (or Muslims, etc) to be perfect. There in lies […]

The worst myth about pleasing God is hereby refuted

  An email from a friend at Christmas, contained this excerpt from the book, Jesus Calling… this is the best explanation many of us will ever get to refute conditional love: I AM THE GIFT that continually gives–bounteously, with no strings attached. Unconditional love is such a radical concept that even my most devoted followers […]

I Don’t Know How to Start

A lifetime of learned behaviors. Life is hard. And mostly difficult. And busy. And distracting. Some days, maybe while watching a movie or TV show, we see a Family that seems to have it all together and wonder why we can’t live like that. It’s a movie, okay? It’s not real. Yet perhaps there’s some […]