Photo Sunday, 2/4

Can’t Do Everything…so do what you can, even though it would be easier not to… Forget about NO tugging. Are you convinced you’re doing your fair share to make the world a little nicer? This morning, it’s our turn to lead Children’s Liturgy of the Word at our Church. Sometimes 40 children, sometimes 100. Cheryl […]


Yes, indecision. Still. And it’s only been two hours since Catechism and I’m still torn. Miss Jenny said, “Follow your heart.” “My heart says stay. My logic says quit”, I reply without hesitating. Our class was smaller and more intimate, and Miss Jenny and I both thought sitting on the floor (for the first time […]

Struggling Catechist

Wednesday. Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Our son (9) attends Catechism, and Miss Jenny (may or may not be her real name), leads this small (12) group of future spiritual leaders, fututre parents, and possibly, future Catechists. And then there’s me, a struggling Catechist. The past two years I’ve been invited to assist on Wednesday […]

CLOW – Children’s Liturgy

Sundays during the school year, our Church offers Children’s Liturgy of the Word for Kindergarten through fifth grade. Two or three adult leaders form a team and lead a particular week each month. The volunteer leaders perform various functions to help bring Mass down to an Elementary level and to engage the children differently (better) […]