Is codependence insidiously impacting your life?

Church hymn
First verse struck yesterday…”Where saints and sinners are friends. I wait to welcome the lost and the lonely to share the cup of my love.”


Is codependence insidiously impacting your life?

A local counselor describes enabling as:

A behavior that’s used to ease relationship tension caused by one partner’s problematic habits. Enabling behavior, which is rarely seen in healthy relationships, includes bailing your partner out, repeatedly giving him or her another chance, ignoring the problem, accepting excuses, always being the one trying to fix the problem, or constantly coming to the rescue.

When you cannot change another, you either remain codependent or you must find the courage to step away, perhaps forever.

PS. Ignoring behaviors/habits and accepting excuses are the ones that hit home hardest for me.


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Targeted with unspoken expectations for bailing someone out?

Blood pressure monitor at WalMart


(photo: This doesn’t happen by magic, it happens by being responsible.)

Every person should learn to take control of their life.

If anyone lives in a paradigm thinking their child(ren), spouse, sibling, etc will take care of their poor choices in life ought to consider one thing.

What if something tragic happens to them first?

Then what.

Banking on traditional thinking or past practice is potentially deadly.

And wears on the ones targeted with unspoken expectations for bailing someone else out.

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