Things can change in seconds

Things can change in seconds. While at the airport yesterday, a last minute Glacier trip (in four days) emergency created a frenzy of internet searches and purchases for alternate accommodations during the busy end-of-Summer travel week. Looking up for a few seconds now and then, i spot someone who looks familiar. No way it could […]

Unfathomable odds

Unfathomable odds happen. Sounds cliche, but when you least expect it, (and never when you desire it) you experience something that has unfathomable odds of happening. For example, getting into Granite Park Chalet is literally impossible because of supply versus demand, and timing (the entire season sells out in about five minutes the first Monday […]

Your community mindset

Your community mindset, what does that mean? If you embrace the belief in the power of we (photo above), you understand and embrace the power of community. The smallest community is a Family of three. Then a table of lunch-mates. Perhaps a dormitory wing in a Freshman Residence Hall. Maybe an entire campus. A city. […]