Does God care what denomination?

  What should we do when we love something yet it may be silently overwhelming us, or at the very least, it holds us back from our full potential because of the travel time required? What if we could slay the travel time excuse and create a remarkable opportunity? There’s a Church adjacent to our […]

Do You Believe In Being Used?

The Lord has been known to use people to help spread his message, to help those less fortunate, to spread love where there is hate, to comfort the broken-hearted. Do you ever feel like he is using you? This was difficult for me to comprehend until He started, noticeably, transforming my life. He put the […]

Please Pray For This Family

Please pray for this Family. There’s a very special Family in mind, and you most likely don’t know them, but also most likely, you know someone just like them. A year ago today, in what was simply another ordinary day for this Family, the phone rang that night. “Your daughter has been in an accident”. […]