Common sense is priceless


Common sense is not always our first motivator. Why?


Common sense is gold.


We distrust common sense because if it is really as valuable as people say, everyone would be applying it.


Humans are weak, and we use distraction, medication, and entertainment to forget how weak we are. In reality, we are strong beyond belief, but once we embrace that strength, we must forego constant pleasure; this is a perceived loss. In reality, foregoing constant pleasure is transformed into enjoying constant gratitude and peace – which becomes constant spiritual pleasure; which is in reality endless richness.


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Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to remember

Lake Tahoe from Lakeside Park Beach
Lake Tahoe from Lakeside Park Beach


Heavenly Ski Resort gondola, Lake Tahoe
Heavenly Ski Resort gondola, Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe state line and elevation sign
Out for a run after a long day


handful of snow
6k feet above sea level, snow is common


common pine cone
common pine cone


Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to remember.

In a way, we’re all disabled.








On and on…

When we’re too busy with life’s distractions, we’re disabled from fully enjoying this list.

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Timeless insight is something we’ve instinctively understood since birth

timeless insight
odds are this is a very safe place or a questionably safe place?

timeless insights
if something doesn’t look, feel, smell, sound, or taste safe, odds are it isn’t

Been a professional speaker for 13 years, which was neither a dream nor a life goal. It was fate. A mountain of faith too. And from those humble beginnings in 1999, was taught to facilitate insights, not regurgitate them.

Timeless insight: Sometimes a complete career change changes everything. Bonus insight: Never quit experimenting with simple ways to get better.

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