The root of mental frustration


Mediate conflict before it cripples your team. Unresolved conflict can divert focus, drain emotional energy, and decrease productivity.

Diana Booher

Unresolved conflict cripples every important relationship. Do the honest (should be easy) work to resolve, or surrender and steer clear.


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Note to self for a plussed-up ending

Disney Keynote Speakers
Having fun in First Class seat, adding some excitement to tomorrow’s Disney Keynote Speech.

Avianca Airlines
It’s so weird to sit next to a wonderful human being and not be able to easily communicate. Things we take for granted.

Creative ideas
Note to self…an idea for a plussed-up ending.

Got chalk?


Had i known before i left, would have packed some.

It’s on today’s to-do list: get sidewalk chalk.

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I Wish We Were Better

If there is one thing that I (we) need to figure out, it’s how to become better at communicating with Family and friends in distant places. And if this is possible, it could bring a whole new level of peace and joy to life.

Upon an inventory of my life, this is the one area I feel disgustingly inadequate with. Seriously. It often causes me to feel hypocritical. Maybe I worry to much about this. Maybe not.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

Just Call

That’s all that has do be done. Just pick up the phone and call. So why haven’t I?

Probably the same reason they haven’t done it.

So who’s right? Is there even a right or wrong? Seems irrelevant. So who’s going to make the first move?

Ever feel like this scenario? Any advice to people (me) who have a challenging habit of not staying in touch?