Look Around

Not Orlando
Not Orlando

If you look around and pause long enough to contemplate the natural beauty surrounding you, and you might be amazed at the wonderful, and diverse, thoughts of where it all comes from.

But the often overlooked key is the looking around part. And, um, the pausing part too.

Good luck with that today.

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To Think is to Learn twice

Thinking is one of the hardest things to do, which is why many people spend so little time doing it. I’m not talking about routine thinking, like what to pick up at the grocery store.

Thinking, as in deep thinking. Self-reflection thinking. Contemplation. Self-examination. Questioning.

Challenging thinking. Painful thinking. Honest thinking. Uncomfortable thinking.

Spiritual thinking. Which, if we are lucky, will lead to prayer – and conversations with God.

Doing this, the difficult thinking, will actually lead to learning something twice. But the second time around, we come to understand it and not just know it.