What if one of them is having a challenging year?

West Orange High School Class A school
Yesterday at 6:55am from parking lot.


West Orange High School Administration office lobby
Yesterday morning, June 11, 2015.


West Orange High School 9th grade center Guidance Counselors
Yesterday, on the wall of a West Orange High School office.


Who is the counselor you lean on for life’s biggest challenges and opportunities?

What if in their humanness, they are having a bad year?

How will one challenging life impact the lives of 200 9th graders?

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You’re just a teacher, he said

This man was “just a teacher” also…


The veteran, consultant, business owner, he called me a teacher, “You’re just a teacher”.

No harm intended by him, clearly.

“Just a teacher”, I thought. Hmmm…. “And a counselor, a light, a shepherd, healer…”


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