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The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.

Albert Einstein

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The Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh (And Brain) Is Weak

Are You Who You Represent Yourself To Be?

Are you who you represent yourself to be? By midlife, our habits are so deeply ingrained, we may not be aware of half. God knows. When profound thoughts pop into jeff noel’s mind, he writes them down, and snaps a photo, knowing full well a goal or idea not written down is only a wish.

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The Most Important Work A Baby Boomer Can Do Is Set The Example For What Common Sense Values Look Like In Action

Fundamental American Values Are Common Sense Driven

The most important work a Baby Boomer can do is set the example for what common sense values look like in action. After writing this Mid Life Celebration blog post title, jeff noel realized there is no dialogue necessary to support it’s meaning. Go.

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It’s Often A Trap To Think Someone’s Big Dream Is An Ego Trip Or Arrogance

Maybe it's impossible to be a humble servant, but he'll die trying

Boomers, if you ever fall into this tempting trap, consider this to free yourself: Jesus was an alpha dog. He had to be. Jesus was the leader. Most thought he was a heretic, insane, delusional.

Who is jeff noel to think he could speak in such a way as Prophets, Saints, even God? Who is he to think he can’t? Go.

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Deeply Embedded And Omnipotent Habits Are A Blessing and Curse

A Huge Midlife Paradox

Baby Boomers rely on midlife habits for consistency and effectiveness. So do excellent companies, like Disney, Chick-fil-A, and Nordstrom. A Boomer’s midlife blessing is contained in the consistency. A Boomer’s midlife curse is also contained in this consistency. This is an important midlife paradox to sort out.

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