Prayer for Blue and Gold (an excerpt)

Cub Scouts
Pack 114, April 22, 2012…Blue and Gold Banquet


(Last night, as Cub Scout Chaplin, I was asked to say a prayer after opening remarks from the Cub Master. Here is an excerpt.)

A Prayer for Blue and Gold:

Welcome… Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts…

Today is a great milestone in the lives of these scouts and their families. And even for Pack 114 as it continues to grow… and continues to help these boys become honorable young men and as it continues to guide and teach….

…each Scout to strive, to serve, and not to yield…

…and as it equips these boys with a love: of the outdoors, of service to others, and to growing and working together as a team for the greater good of our community.

May these boys learn to live and act so that if anyone ever said anything bad about them, no one would believe it.

As we prepare them, let us now prepare ourselves to receive the gifts before us…

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“Please Bless Everyone Gathered Here…”

A Strong Foundation Is Key
A Strong Foundation Is Key

So I began with the prayer with the blog title here and then continued on with this:

“All the adults and all the children.

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless the adults with your wisdom and your guidance to complete a successful year.

And please bless the children with the determination to serve, to strive and not to yield.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”

Our Pack leader agreed, just before the inaugural meeting started – short and sweet – 1st & 2nd graders attention spans must be respected at 7PM.

There is an art to saying a lot with a little.

It works with 6 and 7 year olds, and it’s effective at work too.

Happy Birthday Boy Scouts

Be Prepared
Be Prepared

On February 8, 2010, the Boy Scouts of America celebrated 100 years of cheerful service to America’s youth. Since the Boy Scouts of America’s inception in 1910, members have learned to live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law through community services and “helping other people at all times.” What began with a single act of service on a foggy London night quickly evolved into daily “Good Turns.” These have included selling war bonds, collecting food for needy families, and growing victory gardens during World War II.

My son and I are camping with our Cub Scout Pack. Thank God for that foggy London night, 100 years ago.

Can Scorpions Fart?

From The Mouth Of Babes
From The Mouth Of Babes

“Do you have any questions?”, the Brevard Zoo staff member asked the boys.

One six-year old boy threw his arm up in the air, “Can scorpions fart?”

Brevard Zoo. Yesterday, January 24, 2010. Twenty Cub Scouts plus an equal number of Parents.

Our Church has a growing Cub Scout Pack. It shut it’s doors two years ago, due to low enrollment.

Last year, two Dads resurrected our Pack and Twelve boys with a few Tiger Cubs, a few Wolf Cubs, and even fewer Bear Cubs. It was intimate to say the least. And it was my first year having a Wolf Cub.

This year, we’ve tripled. Now our trips have more energy, more unpredictability. More involved Parents. More blessings.

More humor.

Thanks to a couple of dedicated Dads (Rob & Greg) (and also Mike) who led us last year. They could have given up and said it was too much work.

That would not have been very funny.

A Growing Community
A Growing Community
Wanna Touch?
Wanna Touch?

Holy Family Cub Scout Pack 114 Awards Banquet

Orlando’s Holy Family Catholic Church Cub Scout Pack 114 held it’s annual Cub Scout Awards Banquet last night.

A handful of Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cubs received their respective badges for earning their rank.

A special thanks to Rob, our Committee Chair and Bear Den leader, and to our Cub Master and Wolf Den leader Greg. Also thanks to Mike, the Tiger Cub Den leader.

There are others, no doubt, who deserve credit, like all the parents.

Anyway, here are two short You Tube video clips I shot last night click on BEFORE and AFTER to perhaps enjoy a special memory in your own life.