Read or proclaim?

This photo is from the water station for the post here. Pictured is me trying unsuccessfully to capture the emotion from the exact spot where i could have been mauled or killed by a Grizzly bear, a few hours earlier. Convinced an instinctively zealot idea left me without a scratch.

Read or proclaim?


Today, the second Sunday of Advent, i’m privileged to be the first Lector at 8:45 AM Mass.

Interesting, to me anyway, to realize it’s been six months since i’ve “done a reading”.

So, in two hours there’s the choice every Lector gets when they’re scheduled, to “do the reading” or proclaim God’s Holy Word.

You can see where this is going.

There’s that zealot raising his enthusiastic head again.


For the old me who wondered why, the answer is obvious:

Everyone is different and has their own reasons. Could be respect, conformity, fear, ego, rebellion, enthusiasm and so on. No end to the reasons.

But i like the way enthusiasm fits.

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Don’t forget your umbrella

Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean


(photo: Dream Suite signage almost hidden at the top.)

The strong and healthy have no need of a physician. In our strenuous and constant efforts to find peace and contentment in God, we may actually drift too far from shore. Stormy weather wakes us up to understand, once again, the danger of being too far away.

Arhg matey, calm weather never made a skilled sailor.

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