National Women’s Day 2018


National Women’s Day goes back as far as 1908.

And like i say about Christmas and Easter, we come to know the true meaning of National Women’s Day when we learn to celebrate it every day.

This post is recorded written live today, March 8.

My blogging Network “airs” this post on April 8.

Will National Women’s Day be a faded, forgotten, or important memory as you read this 30 days after the fact?


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Can everyday be Flag day?

Homeowner's American Flag
The original American Flag went up June 11, 2001.


Flag day was two days ago, and yesterday morning before the Foundation Academy High School tour, shot this photo.

We’ve been in our current home 23 years. Cheryl used to change the flag seasonally…Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer themed flags. In June 2001 she put up an American Flag. Three months later (9/11), she decided to not put up a Fall themed flag.

One theme. Fourteen consecutive years.

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Got a minute?

Church steeple in Iowa City, iowa
Out for a run yesterday, counted hundreds of blessings


Got a minute? Just one minute, maybe even a little bit less than that…

Often challenging to focus on what’s just ahead of us, let alone 10-30 years down the road.

Did you start your day on your knees?

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What Would It Take For Baby Boomers To Make Every Day Like Christmas Day?

Yes, and...Make Every Day Christmas Day.

Earth Day has purpose, meaning and significance. What if, as the photo suggests for Earth Day, we Boomers rose to the challenge of making every day Christmas Day?

Christmas has purpose, meaning and significance. Mid Life Celebration wishes you the happiest of days tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

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