Unanswered Questions?

The handful of memorable days

We can all say we’ve had the ride of a lifetime, yes?

We each have a handful of days we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

There are fewer memorable work days than home days.


Perhaps because fun and excitement are generally considered frivolous at work, yet at home it’s what we continuously wish and plan for.

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Dear Son

Our lives are intertwined with specific randomness

Tibet Butler Nature preserve wooden trail bridge over swamp
Dear Son, we are on a very special journey together.


Our lives are intertwined with specific randomness.

We all experience the full gamut of life’s emotions.

In different ways, at different times.

Yet we are united in the sameness.

If you can recall the most important conversation you’ve ever had a with teenager, know that it happened yesterday for the soul writing these blogs.

Will celebrate March 9, 2014 every March 9th for the rest of our lives.

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The great summer of 2012

Perfect ending to a prefect Paris day

breathtaking spirit
breathtaking just doesn't capture the feeling

family spirit
my Family is always with me, no matter where I go

It was a great balance of mind, body, spirit, money, and hq. They all came into play and they all had been fully engaged and completely spent.

When was a time you felt this kind of “good tired”?

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Prayers Please

The Two Most Magnificent Days In Our Life Are…

Tabloid message may contain the meaning of life.

The two most magnificent days in our life are the day we are born and the day we figure out why.

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