Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Notice. Everything?

sidewalk restaurant sign


(photo: sidewalk cafe sign on the way to lunch yesterday)

In between sessions at the Moda Center, we had lunch on Portland’s only floating restaurant.

In the midst of simply trying to find sustenance and some downtime (similar to halftime or intermission) we walked looking for a place to do both.

This sign would have been easy to overlook.

Like literally everything else in life.

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Dear Boomers

Dear Boomers, crazy deep love is what we crave

Two toddlers sort of like cousins
Childhood buddies, parental love, until death-do-we-part love…


I crave a love so deep the oceans would be jealous. – Madhu Arora

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Desire mercy not sacrifice

Desire mercy not sacrifice.

history's greatest speeches
I have a dream speech… this is where Martin Luther King, Jr stood

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Common Sense

Is It Possible That God Gives Us What We Need Rather Than What We Want?

How could loneliness ever be considered a gift, a blessing?

Common sense tells us that God will give us what we pray for, you know, what we think we want from life. Uncommon sense reminds us he will always give us what we need, even if it doesn’t seem so.

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O Holy Night

Take your pick. David Archuleta or Carrie Underwood. Yes, we are busy, and that’s the mountain I’m trying to overcome.

David and Carrie, without American Idol, would be singing these songs in their Church and we’d probably never had heard their incredible voices.

Advent is a time for me to be joyful for the coming of our Lord and Savior. I usually “wake up” from my busy schedule and it’s January. I sadly think to myself, “How’d that happen?”

Too much desire to be Joyful this year. Desire is the secret ingredient in many recipes. And Joy.