Grammy waited for Cheryl to come home before she could die

where is heaven?

Grammy knew we were coming home for Cort’s wedding on September 30, 1989. Years earlier, she met Cort, cooked for him, and watched him give a toast – as our best man – on June 25, 1983.

Grammy never moved out of this house where she raised seven girls and one boy, while running a one-room grocery in the front room of the row home. Neither did Cheryl’s Mom, who to this day still lives in the house she was born in 89 years ago.

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She died in my arms

one grand daughter and two great grandsons, among Grammy's many fine accomplishments

Grammy was going to be 94, but never made it. Yet I must say, she was one of the most amazing humans I ever got to know personally. She was physically active and abundantly prayerful until her very last breath. She was always surrounded by people she loved and who loved her. She never had an ill word about anyone. She lived with her infirmities and never complained. She choose me to get her wings started.

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