I Don’t Know How to Start

A lifetime of learned behaviors. Life is hard. And mostly difficult. And busy. And distracting. Some days, maybe while watching a movie or TV show, we see a Family that seems to have it all together and wonder why we can’t live like that. It’s a movie, okay? It’s not real. Yet perhaps there’s some […]


Failing? Probably. It weighs heavy on my soul and heart. I’d really like to be a better: Son Brother Nephew Uncle Yet after decades of learned behavior, there’s a struggle deep down inside that seems overwhelming. Overwhelming, yes. Impossible, no. The people involved in this are going to have to want this too. It takes […]


Stuck? Sort of. A lot has happened this past week. Some incredibly awesome stuff. Some horrific stuff. I work hard to focus on the positive side, without sacrificing what the horrible stuff is telling me. Love and hate. Heaven and hell. God and the devil. Faith and unbelief. Mysteries and facts. So what is surfacing […]

I Hate Hearing From My Friends

What I mean is I hate hearing when tragedy happens. Two days ago an email shared the news that one of our college buddies had a tragedy. His teenage son died of a drug overdose. Can you even fathom this? I can not. For our friend, this probably makes 9/11 look like a picnic. May […]

Have You Forgotten?

September 11, 2001 Click here to see Darryl Worely’s music video, “Have You Forgotten”. Then again, maybe you have forgotten. Have you? No? Then do it, click here. PS. I HATE war. I LOVE our military men and women.