Am i the only one who seems the hypocrisy and injustice here

Cutting down the basketball net after winning
What if Christians (and the world) could cut the ties to hypocrisy? Photo: Two nights ago after winning Regionals.


Christians are so flawed.

i’m so flawed.

You’re so flawed, even if you’re not a Christian. Humans are flawed.

The Bible says marriage is between one man and one woman. This has been interpreted to mean any sexuality other than heterosexual is bad.

When married in a Christian Church, marriage vows include, “Until death do us part.” This is interpreted to mean divorce is only plausible with infidelity.

Does an American divorce rate over 50% get immunity from being “bad”?

To me, it seems gays, lesbians, and transgenders are wrongly targeted.

To be fair, shouldn’t the same level of distaste and contempt apply to divorce?

Am i the only one who seems the hypocrisy and injustice here?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on love, compassion, and acceptance?

As long as love drives our life, isn’t everything else just a uniquely individual detail, that no human is qualified to judge?





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Has The Door Been Opened?

Maybe. I hope so. Ever have something that’s been sort of nagging at you? Something important? Some critical piece of the puzzle?

Me too. And often (not always), what we seek is an opportunity (an ice-breaker) to open the door.

I think it happened last night. Thanks to my wife for being a positive catalyst.

Now it’s up to me to push the door open a little wider. Please pray that I’ll have the wisdom to demonstrate compassion as well as courage. And I’ll do the same for you. Carpe diem.