You can observe a lot by watching

College dormitory corner room
This open-windowed corner dorm room caught my eye from the dining hall last night. The higher (3rd floor) view and the rare, additional window make it a prized location for an over-focused student. Th fact that you gain (unauthorized) roof access is also appealing for the right college student.

You can observe a lot by watching.

Watching is more difficult, and perhaps dormant when our devices supersede our desire to grow and interact with our surroundings.

From my experience, college is the single most important opportunity to interact with your life.


Because you only cross this threshold between teenage years and early twenties once, and then it’s gone forever.

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Remember, Only You Can Define What Great Is

So the man standing is not Rick Warren or Billy Graham

It was a beautiful Sunday evening as jeff noel watched with a humble heart two months ago on Clearwater Beach, Florida. The man standing preached the Gospel to a congregation of 13. Compared to Billy Graham, maybe not so great. Compared to no one else on the entire beach preaching the Gospel… great! Ya with me?

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Doing Something Great Can Be Defined Anyway You Want, It’s Up To You

Come as you are Church...on the beach...anytime, anywhere, really

What is it about Christmas that makes a Christian’s heart sing with Joy? What is it about midlife that stereotypically provides crisis? In both, there is anticipation. In dreaming of doing something great there can also be this paradoxical anticipation. We can hope or dread. Each of us has earned the right to be the judge of greatness. And we have earned the right to bring it. What we haven’t earned (yet) is the guts to commit. Go.

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