Prudence is common sense

    It would gross negligence to not have a doctor’s opinion for the dog bite. You’d do it for a child or grandchild, right? Just to be sure of no freak situation where saying everything is fine could come back to haunt you. The word is prudence. Nothing more, nothing less. Speaking of child […]

Twistee Treat To Do

I still have the post-it note up on my office wall, near the phone. Crazy, isn’t it? I mean the things we think about and the things we do. So, in the midst of the fairly intense topic the past few days, I’m going to switch gears today, and revisit a topic from ten days […]

The Gift That Visit Brought Us

We’ve been talking about a beloved Family pet, our Yellow Lab, Carter. Virtually all pet owners understand the remarkable bond humans forge with their pets. And it’s especially strong in a pet relationship where there are no children. Here’s the gift we received from what we thought was our very last weekend with Carter. We […]