How do you start each day?

On April 1, 2009, I accepted a long overdue challenge from our Priest.

And I’ve been doing it every day since.

Doing the math – that’s about 70 days in a row. Not a bad start, considering how long it took to finally make a commitment to change my habits.

What do I do each morning?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Just kidding.

I start each day on my knees. In prayer. I say my three, all-time favorite prayers.

If people only remember one thing about you after you’re gone, what will it be?

I hope for me, it’s. “Jeff had a thankful heart”!

Make it a GREAT day! Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂


Did the Orlando Magic do it? Did they make history, and win their first ever NBA finals game?

Here’s this morning’s Orlando Sentinel article.

Do you ever challenge yourself to make your own history?

I mean, do you try to get better at things, or make a bigger difference. Or do you settle for, “That’s just the way it’s supposed to be for me, because that’s the way it’s always been”.

Wishing you an historical day. Seize it! jeff noel 🙂

Happy Good Friday

The previous post was about “what I’m thankful for”.

I just wrote the same thing a different way at, which is my website for Dreaming big, getting there, and most difficult and important of all, staying there.

Count your blessings. Do something great. If you don’t do this, who will? If not now, then when? Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂