A test we’d all like to pass but hope to never have to take

Hawaii highway 11
Texted Keith this photo, asking him to guess where i am. Ironically, he was in Orlando.


Hawaiian airport
First time ever to Hawaii – May 2013


Drunk driver killed high school classmate Keith’s son three days ago.

Just found out last night it took hours to remove Sam from the car.

And his Dad’s ribs are crushed, punctured lung, internal bleeding and multiple other injuries.

Feeling tested here.

Anyone else feeling that?

Despise the driver or forgive the driver?

Curse the driver or pray for the driver?

Oh my gosh, the list of people to pray for seems endless.

Road closed for hours. Not a lot of roads on the Hawaiian Islands. What repercussions from that put other Families or other emergency situations in critical situations?

Was there a bartender who could’ve stopped serving sooner?

Was the intoxicated driver angry at someone or something and got drunk because of it?

What happens when Keith becomes conscious for the first time and realizes Sam is gone?

Pray for the quick responders at every stage of Keith’s rescue?

Pray for the world to have zero tolerance for drinking and driving? Zero.

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In Iraq prison as a teen, he drug dead bodies executed by Saddam Hussain

Airport parking garage Orlando, Florida
No car, no backpack, no money, only hope


Be flexible, have fun, and be ready when an ordinary event becomes more. Right?

Cab ride back to Cleveland airport, 8:00am pickup at Fairfield Marriott. Just another day.

We got to talking, which led to a 30-minute epic opportunity. He came to New York City at 16, in 1973. Growing up, he loved watching John Wayne movies in Iraq.

He became a nonviolent protestor. At 15, he became surround by Iraqi police and was arrested for no apparent reason.

In Iraq prison as a teen, he was made to drag dead bodies, executed by Saddam Hussain, presumably to vehicles for mass burial. Never got specific details except when I asked if this was a one-time event. He said, no, it was everyday.

After nine months, he was able to escape, get across the river into Turkey and make it to America.

He said he knew he would never see his parents again.

Will share another part of this story at the…

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