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If you knew you were dying





Yesterday a Facebook update with photos (photoshopped?) of a frail Steve Jobs contained something the update claimed Steve Jobs said.

Whether Steve Jobs actual said this or not, it’s true.

“If you knew you were dying, what would you change? My advice? Start your change today. You are dying. And it will be wonderful if you don’t have regret for not coming alive when you had the chance.”




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Our Choices Make Us

Four things dying people want to say to their loved ones

Father to son legacy
The one in the middle is who the book was written to.


Four things dying people probably want to, and should, say to the ones they love most:

  1. Thank you
  2. I love you
  3. Forgive me
  4. I forgive you

Inspired by this TED Talk. Not recommending anyone view the 21-minute video. Just sharing the source.

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The Other Side

His biggest fear wasn’t dying

old website header for jeff


(photo above: old header for this website… Surrender • Self-control • Service)


Ethan Hawk


“My biggest fear isn’t dying. My biggest fear is that others will blame God for my death and not believe in Him. I don’t want people angry at God or even blaming him. I mean, there is so much more than just this life. Just because He didn’t heal me on earth doesn’t mean He won’t heal me in Heaven.” – Ethan Hallmark

From a friend’s Facebook update yesterday.


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One Question A Day?

If you were given only one more day to live…

Blurry photograph
The details are a little fuzzy for most of us


If we were given only one more day to live…

If we were given only one more day to live, would we be ready?

How would we have to live so that we are?

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Common Sense

Common Sense Tells Us We Can Not Truly Live Until We Are Prepared To Die

I'm writing about dying while living. (PS. We miss you Randy)

Journaling, a diary, or whatever you call it, is a profound way to discover who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to do before you die. Common sense tells us this.

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