What’s a party without sugar?

What’s a party without sugar?

To think i could attend any social gathering and not drink alcolhol would have been ridiculous to think about pre-2000.

To think i could attend a party without sugary treats would also be ridiculous, but not until seven months ago.

What if a grandparent-type intentionally taught you about poor food and beverage choices, about habits and addiction, and about peer pressure and the alternative, non-conformity?

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God bless our elders

Would elders insist we keep up with technology?
Yesterday at Lehigh Valley Mall.


God bless our elders.

If we are lucky, we will follow in their path.

And if we are smart, we will ask for their advice in how to age well.




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Just Call

That’s all that has do be done. Just pick up the phone and call. So why haven’t I?

Probably the same reason they haven’t done it.

So who’s right? Is there even a right or wrong? Seems irrelevant. So who’s going to make the first move?

Ever feel like this scenario? Any advice to people (me) who have a challenging habit of not staying in touch?