Disney’s VIP elevator and a life lesson

Christopher Reeve
From my office bookshelf last night.

Disney’s VIP elevator and a life lesson.

For three mornings, i had the Presidential Suite (VIP) elevator door locked open as i awaited the Reeve party to exit their suite and walk across the foyer where i was stationed.

Will, then four, was the first to burst through the Roosevelt Suite’s double doors. Christopher was next, blowing into the mouthpiece tube that controlled his wheelchair.

Dana (Christopher’s wife) and Christopher’s two teenage children from his first marriage, along with the nurse followed towards me and the open elevator door.

The small VIP elevator is for Main Building Concierge Guests to access the swimming pool without having to travel through the main lobby in their coverups and bathing suites.

In this instance, we were using it to avoid being seen publically as we made our way to their private Mini-Bus for transport to the Disney Theme Parks.

Our goal is for no one to know they visited Walt Disney World – complete anonymity.

In the 30-seconds it took for the elevator doors to close at my command, i was struck how Christopher’s arms were strapped to the armrests for stability and how he couldn’t lift a single finger, even if he wanted to.

And just hours earlier as my alarm clock sounded, i threw the blankets off me, directed my feet to the floor, stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash my face and so on.

i couldn’t help but wonder what he would have paid to have that same privilege (luxury?).

Would he pay five-million dollars?

Or if necessary, ten-million?


And i get it for free.

Every day.



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