For Sale: Christianity

Everybody's In Sales
Everybody's In Sales

Ever heard the phrase, “Everybody is in sales”?

Disagree if you’d like, but ignoring this fact does not change it – everybody is in sales. Period.

Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm.

If you want to “sell” others (aka evangelization), you should be filled with enthusiasm yourself.

Your personal enthusiasm is your greatest “sales tool” for Christian life, and the biggest reason people don’t want to buy.

Evangelization Is…

Let's Eat!
Let's Eat!

“Evangelization is holding Jesus in your heart and carrying Jesus to the hearts of others.” — unknown

That’s all for today.

May I challenge you to have others see Jesus in you? Because if your challenge doesn’t come from this blog, then where will it come from?

You’re too busy to challenge yourself. Right?

Then, if you do it for no other person, do it for the one(s) at your dinner table.