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Hope, healing, and Disney Magic

Gary Sinise at Epcot’s Candlelight Processional last night.

Hope, healing, and Disney Magic.

The Disney pre-show announcer used that exact phrase. Immediately wrote it down knowing i’d blog about it this morning.


Kinda mysterious, really.

Maybe it’s a type of trifecta that we can easily relate to. Who can’t use a little more hope, healing, or Disney Magic?

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Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Two Simple Things That Prior To April 1st, Were Not Part Of My Life

Bags full of magic can appear out of nowhere, but not until bags full of hard work have been donated.

Hoping I’d never quit, the two things I began on April Fool’s day, 2009?

  1. Begin each morning on my knees in prayer
  2. Write 5 different blogs each day, on work life balance

Never thought 1,092 days later, God would provide such focus and discipline.

Insight: When you decide to do the right things for the right reasons, magic happens.

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