Classic good vs evil

Yesterday in Southwest Florida. Palm tree reflection is intentional. We enjoyed the movie’s debut yesterday.

May the force for good be with you.

All day, today.

All day, everyday.

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Up to my neck in gratitude

Quote about achieving peace
Yesterday from Facebook, source unknown.


Up to my neck in gratitude which feeds and nourishes my soul against the devil’s weapons:

  • Regret
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Discontent

i continuously study all day, everyday for a test we’d all like to pass, but few volunteer to take.

To willingly give up my life for the life of another.

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Are some really nice things happening?

Parkour practice


(photo: October 22, 2014, yesterday, tragedy and hope…)

Are some really nice things happening?

Even though this horrific terrorist tragedy happened yesterday.

This also happened.

Praying hard for all involved in both.

When it seems we can’t do anything, we can surely pray.

Pray like you mean it.

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More evil than astonished?

Delta first class seats hidden faces
This angle seems to reveal a different emotion. More evil than astonished.


Each day the devil shows up in many disguises, tempting us with doubt, and fertilizing the tiniest roots of fear lying dormant just below our consciousness, and pointing the blame at God.

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