This Might Change Your Life

Should we be brutally honest with this person?

Church challenge sign
We, each of us, are a cathedral, no?


If we are really, brutally honest with ourselves, there can be no exceptions to being a good and decent person.

The longer and more sincerely we do this, the higher our batting average.

We will fail, but less and less often.

Until one day, never.

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Our Choices Make Us

The temptation to make exceptions

Page 100 from mid Life Celebration
Incremental progress adds up over time. So does incremental decline.


The temptation to make exceptions. How often does it happen? Daily, weekly, monthly, never? Or maybe all the time?

There is an exception to every rule, or so it is said.

Maybe we become the exception when we no longer are willing to make (hypocritical) exceptions.

(repeating photo caption: Incremental progress adds up over time. So does incremental decline.)

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Will You Forgive Tiger Woods?

Oh, you know what, there are probably exceptions to when and whom we get to forgive.

Is that it? Is that what you think?

PS. Do you sometimes wonder if God ever has a tough time deciding?