Prayers Please

We either started our day with prayer or we didn’t.

Double rainbow
Peace and blessings immeasurable surround us.


We either started our day with prayer or we didn’t.

Never get bored with the basics.

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Live like you mean it

What would our lives look like if we stopped waiting?

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Honestly, we set ourselves free when we rethink • reprioritize • recommit


November is the time on Facebook where folks post a daily thing they are thankful for.

So here’s a crazy thought.

What if we did it 365 days each year instead of 30?

And what if we didn’t need the world’s biggest natural disasters to compel us to pray and send donations?

What would our lives look like?

What are we waiting for? A time when our life is in order? Good luck with that.

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Dear Boomers

Dear Boomers, what do you wish you would have asked?

Deceased American Soldier's Flag
To be an American and not be thankful for it, is despicable (my Dad’s Flag)


What’s the best reason we could use to justify not starting each day on our knees (even briefly)?

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The vicious circle of deflecting responsibility

Florida field of wildflowers
Nature teaches us to adapt and overcome, and blossom


When someone else changes, then things will change for me.

But this is never going to happen.

The only way to deal with this is to let it go.

Letting go may be the hardest, and best, thing we ever learn to do.

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Our Choices Make Us Stuff We Do

What If?

A Beautiful Way To Start Your Day
A Beautiful Way To Start Your Day

What if you had started this morning on your knees?

What if, on your knees, you said a short prayer?

And what if you did this again tomorrow, and the next day.

I mean, what’s stopping you? It can’t be time.