Always be kind and humble

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Really need to start using this. Haven’t even attempted to, so far. Selfies and personal videos are often perceived as narcissistic, and for a business owner, selfies and videos are key to marketing.

There’s a chance that the greatest, most useful, and most scalable prayers have no words.

Note: A keynote speaker is constantly challenged to balance being “the most subject-matter knowledgable” in the room and being humble.

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What Do You Mean You Don't Know?

Tell us in one sentence

LinkedIn mobile screen shot
Yesterday, a random LinkedIn update.


Explain the Bible to someone?



The meaning of life is to love and be loved.

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A harsh reality to the prayerful among us

Sochi Olympic's highest ranking people
So many people, so many viewpoints


To pray, hope, wish, and profess to believe in a higher power above all other things yet privately complain about anything or anyone is to not yet fully believe.

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How Can You Tell?

Pastor Wants Me To Teach Him

From The Apple Store To My Home Office
From The Apple Store To My Home Office

When was the last time someone came up to you and asked, “Will you teach me how you do it, since you’re an expert?”

Like never, right? Yeah, me too.

But yesterday that changed. A neighbor, and Pastor, asked if he could “shadow” me and watch the blogging process. He knows I write five different, but interconnected, blogs every morning.

Our first meeting will be in the next few days, at 5:30AM.

Are you dedicated? Are you an expert? Do people ask you for advice?

You’re invited to share tips here if you want. Or, just come along for the ride. God doesn’t waste anything. Everything is used for good, even our mistakes and regrets.