Unusually peaceful accidents

Disney Speaker Jeff Noel with comedian Michael Jr.
Couldn’t stop smiling while Michael Jr and i talked in Louisville. Challenged him to take a photo without smiling. Held this pose for 1/2 a second before laughing.

Unusually peaceful accidents may feel like serendipity, karma, answered prayers, etc.

Un-peaceful accidents may feel like torture, unfair, painful, etc.

Accidentally became addicted to alcohol at a young age. Alcoholism never has a happy ending, even though it lasts a lifetime.

Accidentally conquered alcohol addiction December 31, 2001.

By accidentally, please understand there were many attempts to quit, including three “No, this time a REALLY mean it!” attempts. So when it happened for good, it felt more like luck, not something summoned at will.

The drug-free peace you carry every step of every day makes the buzz from alcoholism feel like a prison sentence – lonely, trapped, worthless.

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Dropped The Ball?

Same Goes For Forgiveness
Same Goes For Forgiveness

Don’t we hate it when someone makes a mistake?

Guess what, others feel the same way when it happens in reverse.

Take traffic for example. We say things and do hand gestures in our car when someone cuts us off, pulls in front of us or stops suddenly, etc.

And yet we act like we never commit the same offense.

Get a grip and extend forgiveness. And, I’m sorry I didn’t show up at Church yesterday to fulfill my Lector responsibilities. I forgot and and took the day off by mistake.

Not Sure I Can Do This

Cloudy Feelings?
Cloudy Feelings?

After re-reading yesterday’s post, I’m having second thoughts about whether to continue down this path.


Because it feels like it goes against being humble, and it feels very awkward.

What is driving me, compelling me, to want to share this, is so that you see that I have no special privilege or talent.

I just work really hard. Hard work is the only antidote to life’s challenges.

And even then, it’s not 100% guaranteed.

But one thing is guaranteed. If you don’t try, you will never know.