Embrace the struggle and do this too

Embrace the struggle and do this too. What? In addition to embracing the challenges inherent with needing to stay continuously motivated, also welcome the results inherent in staying motivated. The positive results compound exponetially over the decades. Be careful, so do the negative results. Son, in 60 years, i have always experienced this – we […]


  Just like going to the gym, or going running or biking, you need daily discipline to focus on your spirit. Mike (above) and i had a deep, yet casual conversation about life and death. A few years back, Mike was one of two people in a group of 11 who survived cancer treatment. His […]

Passion be gone please

    Some notes from college admissions info session yesterday. Interfaith expansion. The first year seminar – intro to college level discussion…25 topics. High School beats your passion for curiosity out of you. The other 3 seminars have 10-12 topics. Perfect college student has passion for something.   • • • • • This website […]