The great summer of 2012

Beaches and Olympics are a great spiritual combination

Manhattan pizza July 25…

Manhattan pizza

Sanibel Island Florida pizza July 27…

Sanibel Island Pizza

Beaches and Olympics are a great spiritual combination. Ever do the same thing differently than you’ve ever done? What happened?

Arrived on Sanibel Island last night in time to catch the London Olympics opening ceremonies. Life is good. Life’s a beach. God is good.

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Note: latest summer arrival to a favorite Family tradition… a week on Sanibel Island.


Walt Disney Dreamt Of A Place Where Families Could Have Fun Together

Disney Dreams Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel believes God has the same dream as Walt Disney, that Families can have fun together. Walt created Disneyland. God created Earth. Walt gave us Mickey Mouse. God gave us Jesus. Walt gave us laughter. God gave us prayer. Both excellent additions to the human life.

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Dear Son

Dear Son

Living In A Moment...
Living In A Moment...

Randy Pausch, who wrote The Last Lecture, and shortly thereafter, died, wrote a book about living while he was dying.

I’m writing a book about living while I’m living.

We are all dying, son, it’s simply a fact of life.

Leave a trail for your Family. That’s what I’m doing for you, son.

Yesterday, as my crazy mind was racing, I recalled Randy’s life, his book, and both touched my soul and inspired me, as well as countless millions. And the sad fact that his “anniversary” is soon – July 25. Two years ago Randy left his earthly life.

Somehow, I recalled the cassette tapes I used to make for your Mother. I’d pour over our CD collection, for hours, and create loving tributes for your Mom.

Must have been five or six tapes total. Most likely over 100 of the best Love songs ever written. Most of them Country songs, and most of them obscure songs, meaning they weren’t hits or mainstream.

Here’s one of them, called “Living In A Moment (You Would Die For)”:

Unanswered Questions?

What’s At Your Very Center?

What Should Come First?
What Should Come First?

What’s at the very center of your life?

You know what most people say, right?


Hands down.

Me too.

Cheryl and Chapin.

Yet it is Jesus that allows this miracle, of Family and Love, to bloom.

So do we, or should we, put Jesus before or after Family?

Missing Carter


Ever miss something or someone so much that it takes your breath away?

Not wanting to belabor the point, however, yesterday was tough coming home.

You know what I’m talking about. And I was just grieving the loss of a Pet.

Ever wonder what it must be like to try to recover from the loss of a child, perhaps a teenager who is taken away suddenly and tragically?

Today is dedicated to those Families. If you are one of them, or know a Family like this (we know several), please pray for them with all your heart.

We can very likely assume that they are going through a hell that is impossible to imagine. And a hell that may never go away. Ever.