Perspective is the yeast that makes our attitude positive or not positive

Small owl trinkets lined up on display
Who decided owls are wise and why has this notion been perpetuated for so long?


Perspective is the yeast that makes our attitude positive or not positive. Make sure we use the right amount.

Whether we believe there is a creator of all things or not, is a personal choice.

All of our personal choices evolve from perspective.

We know this.

But do we empower the opportunities to change our life from surviving to thriving?

Why or why not?

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Letters To God, The Movie

Ever stumble upon something exciting, cool, meaningful?

How does that make you feel? Does it feel like a gift? It might. It really depends on the whole picture.

But what if you can’t see the whole picture? Then what? Does that mean what happened wasn’t meaningful?

On a routine Delta flight yesterday, I met Kim Dawson. We both said, “You look familiar.”

Turns out we attend the same Mass at the same church. Turns out we’re both headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Me, to give a speech that may help change the world.

Kim, to watch a movie that may help change the world.

And one more thing, Kim is the Producer of the movie.

His movie debuts nationwide in two days. He said, “Would you like to come watch it tonight?”

So I wrote a “letter to God”:

“Dear God, thank you for placing this opportunity in front of me. Life on the road is challenging enough, but without proper rest, it becomes even more challenging. May I please do this later?”

My letter to God pales in comparison to the young, cancer-stricken boy who writes Letters to God and the Mailman who has to figure out what to do with them.