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Just stopping for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread

Catholic Lector book
Do a reading or proclaim God’s Holy word – is there a difference in the way it sounds to others?


Ever run an errand and return with a profound sense of gratitude for something you thought was unappreciated?

A cursory greeting led to an extended visit in the grocery store aisle.

What started as, ‘Didn’t realize you lived nearby’, ended with a humbling realization that someone noticed.

Not growing up in the Catholic Church (converted in 1999 at 40), the approach to becoming a Lector (reader) had no boundaries. Most Lectors read in a monotone, uninspired voice – probably passed down as tradition.

It didn’t (and still doesn’t) feel right.

Joanne (retired) notices. And is very grateful someone in our congregation isn’t hemmed in by what everyone else does.

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One thing we can get from someone who’s never seen us work before

Pile of train track rails
Feedback is critical to helping us stay on track with our vision


One thing we can get from someone who’s never seen us work before.

Great, unexpected feedback. Positive or critical. Doesn’t matter. It’s all considered a gift.

The professional intern watched the keynote presentation and afterwards he shared one of the main reasons the speaker connected so well with the audience was because of the speaker’s humility on the stage.

Blindsided. In a positive way.

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The Other Side


Powerful, Hopeful Dreams
Powerful, Hopeful Dreams

Do you volunteer to help out where you can?

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Most people never do. They intend to, but life gets in the way.

After Mass yesterday, where I volunteered (10 years now) as a Lector, I went looking for Father Ennis. Based on a post last week, I wanted to tell him something.

Something he needs to hear.

Something he probably doesn’t hear nearly enough.

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How Can You Tell?

Sunday Night Conversation

Ever have a casual conversation, and almost invisibly, a “truth” is revealed to you? Happens frequently doesn’t it?

Two nights ago while eating dinner and talking on speaker phone, my Mother-In-Law (88) was describing her Sunday. She’s always the last to leave Mass, because my Father-In-Law (85) walks incredibly slow these days, she told the Priest how much she liked his Homily (sermon).

The Priest commented that no one ever tells him if they like his preaching.

I guess we take it for granted.

But why?

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