Love here, there, and everywhere

Youth ministry in Orlando neighborhood
Middle left shirt says it all – Love Here


After the Youth Ministry students spent two minutes answering, “What is the meaning of life?” plus the followup questions I asked as a professional facilitator, it was time…

I said, “Ask me“.

One asked.

Effortlessly and instantaneously, “To love and be loved.”

If we only love, and get nothing back, we will dry up.

If we only receive love, we are selfish.

Love here, there, and everywhere.

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Finishing Strong

The Final Mile Was the Fastest
The Final Mile Was the Fastest

At Saturday’s Run Among the Lakes 5k, there was an unexpected surprise.

One of the sponsors, First Baptist Church of Windermere had a booth with free Barnie’s Coffee.

After the 5k race and a Chick-fil-a (another sponsor) breakfast biscuit, I visited the booth for a cup.

That’s where the book, Finishing Strong, caught my attention.

Finishing strong.

What a metaphor for running a 5k.

What a metaphor for life.

The back cover stated, “One man in ten will finish strong. You can be that man.”

One in ten? That’s it? How can it be such a low number?