After The Sunset Walk On Clearwater Beach, Florida, jeff noel Scoped Out His Meeting Place

Outside… Inside… After walking on the beach, enjoying the sunset, listening to the man preach for a few minutes, jeff noel walked back to his hotel room. As luck would have it, the meeting room for the next day was open as he passed by. Often, all we need for the door to open is […]

License? You Have Your License?

Do you have your license? Do you go outside with, or, without it? At what age did you receive your license? How much does it cost to renew your license? Do you like the photo on your license? Do you use your license all day, everyday? What license? Your license to do good. You saw […]

Wycliffe Associates Vision

How big is your vision? No seriously, how big? We are so tempted to go through our daily motions, and never stretch ourselves in ways we are capable of, but are too afraid to try. The people who overcome their fear, or at least who attempt to overcome their fear, are the ones who make […]