Gratitude mindset

Do something meaningful? Save yourself.

Gratitude mindset is a gift we give to others and to ourselves. It is elusive though because of stress.

The last time we volunteered to deliver Food for Families on Easter morning, i said never again.

There has been a steady increase in undeliverable addresses. Meaning you have food and an address to deliver it to, but the address cannot be located with Google Maps, nor in person.

We have decided to move forward with our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter morning tradition.

How? Why?

Why is a no-brainer. It helps others.

How? We simply surrender to what we can’t control. Undeliverable addresses means that food will be gifted to someone else.

Note: i have initiated to the Ministry, the idea of a digital process enhancement for capturing undeliverable and/or non-existent addresses.

Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.

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Pondering the Grand Design?

Glacier Park trail
Pondering Nature’s grand design?


Happy Easter Sunday.

Happy present moment.

Each time we deliver Food For Families, i bank on our Son (pushing 17) gaining a deeper appreciation for what it means to serve humbly.

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Delivering Food For Families this Thanksgiving morning

Epcot parking lot row marker
So coincidental that we parked in this row (16, as in the number of volunteer years) at Epcot yesterday.


Delivering Food For Families this Thanksgiving morning. We began doing this in 1999, the year before our son was born. We then did it on Christmas morning 1999, and Easter morning 2000. Those are the three times each year it’s offered.

Our son was born later that year, 2000, and we’ve been doing this three times a year for 16 years.

Each of the 48 mornings seem so insignificant by themselves.

Note: We missed this past Christmas due to a Family visit in Pennsylvania.




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Don’t let what we can’t do stop us from what we can

Food For Families Easter Sunday deliveries
A ghost town.


Food For Families 2015 Easter deliveries
Ghost town.


Food For Families 2015 Easter deliveries
Some people did not answer their door.


In 40+ volunteer opportunities since 1999, we’ve never seen a ghost town turnout. It was eerie.

We saw four staff. We were the only car in line.

Normally dozens of cars and dozens of staff.

The staff filled our van with food boxes and off we went. The question came up, “Do we go back and do more?”

We did what we could do, which may not seem like a lot. And because it might not seem like a lot, there is always the temptation to not even bother in the first place.

Don’t let what we can’t do stop us from what we can.

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Not sure we ever intended to do it 15 years

Food For Families Deliveries Thanksgiving 2015


(photo: Annual Thanksgiving morning tradition)

Do you have end of the year holiday traditions?


For how long?

How’d they start?

Why do you keep them alive?

Ever do something for so long you start to take it for granted?

Maybe, right?

Two days ago Thanksgiving morning began with what started 15 years ago as expectant parents with a dog.

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