One Question A Day?

Will there ever be a time when it’s publicly cool?

Apple Watch reveal by Tim Cook
Apple Watch went on sale April 10. It’s available today April 24, 2015.


Today the Apple Watch goes live to the public. Lots of Apple fanatics geeks going crazy.

When will being a Jesus Freak geek be publicly cool?

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November 2009

jeff noel Enjoying Christmas Music

Have been thinking about Christmas. A lot.

Started to listen to Christmas music today. Completely ready for it.

Historically, Christmas comes and goes with amazing speed. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Christmas where we saw it coming and savored it in a way that will become memorable for the rest of our life?

How many men out there are shopping on Christmas eve? How is it possible for time to pass and all of a sudden, “Oh crap wait, I better get some Christmas gifts.”?

In transforming old habits, a new way of thinking will need to be applied. It may be as simple as a passion to change, and enjoying some Christmas music.