September 2009

Have You Forgotten?

September 11, 2001

Click here to see Darryl Worely’s music video, “Have You Forgotten”.

Then again, maybe you have forgotten.

Have you? No? Then do it, click here.

PS. I HATE war. I LOVE our military men and women.

September 2009


Catechism. Missed the first one last night.

Life is insanely busy for many people. Organizational structure can help alleviate (not eliminate) common, everyday hassles.

To that end, every day my wife takes our son to school (no bus service available). I pick him up. When there are exceptions to this process, the alternate plan is simple and crystal clear.

Everything changes. Like when I travel. Like yesterday. So I missed the first day of Catechism.

Not a big deal. Usually. Except for one thing. I volunteer as a “junior assistant” third-grade Catechist teacher.

The full time teacher is a pro and can clearly handle my absence. But it’s not her I’m worried about.

September 2009

It’s The Last Thing I Wanted

Labor day afternoon, I pulled our 9-year old son aside, “You impressed me this morning”.

Three 9-year olds, the day before, took turns ganging up on each other in our pool. Playfully wrestling and fighting the way puppies or kittens do.

However, the next morning (Labor Day), it was 2-against-1 the entire morning. The other two boys are very athletic. Our son hasn’t played any sports yet.

But you would have never known. Not only did he have strength, he had endurance too. It would have been hard to take pick of the litter.

As we cuddled in bed that night, I purposefully asked him if he remembered our earlier conversation. He did.

It was the last thing I wanted.

September 2009

Why? That’s What We Want To Know.

Why? One of life’s most important questions.

We readily ask, but most don’t wait to hear the answer.


You tell me. Speculation says it’s because of three simple truths:

  1. We are afraid of the answer
  2. We are easily distracted
  3. Both


Not sure. Oh look, shiny.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

September 2009

Volunteering – Involving Your Family?

Yesterday a fellow public speaker asked an excellent question. By the way, great professional speakers ask great questions.

“What about volunteering with your family”? It was not clear in yesterday’s post, so here it is now.

All our volunteer efforts start with, “Can we do this as a Family”?

Not only is being visible important to setting a good example, but so is involvement.

My wife serves as a Minister of Holy Communion on the days I Lector. Afterwards, our son helps me carry the Gospel (a very large, heavy book) back to the Sacristy. Been doing this since he could walk.

It was cute the first few years because it was only symbolic. He was not strong enough to actually help. But children don’t care. He actually believed he was lifting it.

You know, in a weird sort of way, he actually was. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂