What we see depends, very simplistically, on where we focus

          (photos: Waiting in line at Epcot you face Spaceship earth. Turning around you face the American Flag. How cool is that?) We forget that turning around is often stunningly beautiful. What we see depends, very simplistically, on where we focus. There is beauty ahead in life as a retiree. There […]

Give everything to this and you will walk as a free person

  Another bfo (blinding flash of the obvious)… Focus on good, positive things: read, study, write, learn, teach, pray, exercise, rest, play, eat a balanced diet, love, be loved, dream, hope, volunteer, help those less fortunate, be kind, generous, forgive others, work hard, forgive yourself, keep moving forward, and be so grateful for everything (even […]

Citizen Soldier

Not talking about the Three Doors Down rock song Citizen Soldier, or our Country’s National Guard, for whom the song is dedicated. Talking about all the active duty men and women military personnel I’ve seen this week. Orlando to Atlanta, Atlanta to Columbia, Columbia to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Dallas. Decided, in the spirit of […]