Dear Son

Greater things than these?

American Flag
Recent photo outside our garage.


Greater things than these?

That’s what Jesus said, “Greater things than these shall be done”.

This may be the time we could use some “greater things”.

i vow to do my part.

i may fail and look like a fool or zealot.

Would you die for someone you love more than anything in the world, like your child for example?

And would you change your mind based on their sexuality being LGBT and you had’t known before?

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Fun is in the spiritual freedom

Disney Institute Keynote Speakers


(photo: Photo pulled from Google search. Old Disney Institute collateral piece. Circa 2004. Fun.)

Praying for creative, and, authentic wisdom.

Disney Institute FaceBook update yesterday:

“Looking to transform your company cultureā€¦upskill your leadersā€¦or reimagine your customer experience? It CAN be done! Here’s how we can help (with a link to their website).”

This is Mid Life Celebration’s offering as well.

Kinda cool how alike Disney and MLC are.

Cut from the very same cloth.

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What we see depends, very simplistically, on where we focus

American Flag blowing in the wind


American Flag blowing in the wind


American Flag blowing in the wind


American Flag blowing in the wind


American Flag blowing in the wind


(photos: Waiting in line at Epcot you face Spaceship earth. Turning around you face the American Flag. How cool is that?)

We forget that turning around is often stunningly beautiful.

What we see depends, very simplistically, on where we focus.

There is beauty ahead in life as a retiree.

There is beauty in what has been left behind too.


It has many meanings, including the source of our gratitude.

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The way to bliss is through freedom

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival
The bliss from not needing much and being ready for the next step in life


Overcoming our greatest fear provides an almost incomprehensible beauty that we would have never seen otherwise.

And to conquer every fear, including the greatest – our fear of death – is bliss.

And bliss is freedom.

And joy.


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Blessed Beyond Measure?

Give everything to this and you will walk as a free person

Sign outside Super Dome says, Game Changer
Gratitide, for everything, is life’s game changer


Another bfo (blinding flash of the obvious)…

Focus on good, positive things: read, study, write, learn, teach, pray, exercise, rest, play, eat a balanced diet, love, be loved, dream, hope, volunteer, help those less fortunate, be kind, generous, forgive others, work hard, forgive yourself, keep moving forward, and be so grateful for everything (even pain) that your light shines brightly… and give.

It is in the giving that we receive. Giving our thoughts to gratitude, for everything, is freedom.

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