Why Jesus is my best friend

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Why Jesus is my best friend…

If you can imagine a hopeless situation, you’ll see this clearly…

Remember three weeks after i got my driver’s license in 1975? i lost control of our humongous family station wagon on a two-lane country road on a trick-or-treat night.

Looking up and seeing oncoming headlights directly in front of me because i had drifted into the wrong lane (because i was distracted by my two high school classmates riding with me) caused me to panic, overreact with the power-steering, run off the road, hit a culvert – simultaneously hitting the gas instead of the brake – and came to a smashing halt after plowing into a farmhouse porch and front wall. A family sat on the other side eating dinner. Can you imagine their disbelief with the impact’s noise and damage?

Can you imagine if i had hit and killed not one, but multiple trick-or-treaters?

And what if i hadn’t had time to swerve out of the way and caused a head-on collision? Would there have been fatalities, including my own?

What if i didn’t die, but others did. How would i ever reconcile my life?

How would i ever shed the guilt and personal torture?

Only Jesus.

And that is why Jesus should be your best friend.

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God friended me

God friended me
New show on CBS. Intriguing title.


God friended me.

A new show on CBS.

Haven’t seen it.

Saw the ad on a month-old Big Bang Theory recording we watched last night.

Recordings allow us to invest 18 minutes instead of 30 to enjoy a show.

God has friended all of us.

Accept or decline.



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God will never, ever abandon you

Love you note
Imagine this is written by God and placed on your device every single day.


God will never, ever abandon you.



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Guest Blogger Craig Nickoloff

A Blog of a Different Color
A Blog of a Different Color

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present Ohio’s Craig Nickoloff, a man who works hard to help make the world a better place for younger generations. Here is Craig’s contribution to our Spirit entitled:

Coram Deo…

“I’m growing.

Always will be.

Human nature I guess.

I used to pride myself on doing my best.

Had a re-examination though.


I still pride myself on doing my best.

Peeling away that outer layer, though, reveals a different motivation.

As a school student, I was out to bust stereotypes.
I was a scholar, athlete and musician; and excelled at each. But I wanted to prove that the different castes could get along well with each other. They didn’t have to stick to their circles for comfort’s sake. My target audience was my peers. By peers, I mean not just friends my age, but also family and anyone else who wanted to watch. It was a noble effort, but in the end, I was looking out for myself. I was expending a lot of energy to impress many others.

I got tired.

So, college – a sort of dark time – consisted of me dropping all pretenses and doing what I wanted. Fortunately, I come from a great family and the lessons they have taught me carried me and kept me from going any deeper.

And one key thing here…
God watched over me…
As he does all of us.

And his plan had much, much more in store for me.

God brought a strong, beautiful woman into my life. I don’t say beautiful to brag about her outwardly (which is nonetheless true), but to praise how God has molded her spiritually. He used her to guide me back to Him.

So it is in this state that I sit here, wondering how He’ll use me.

My motivation now is not that of before. I’m not living my life to impress others, not even my wife.
I hate to say it. But, it is possible to do “good” things; be a generally “good” person; live an outwardly respectable, impressive life; but also be a contradictory, no-good liar on the inside.
It’d be exhausting, but it’s possible.

Strip it all down.
Past bare body…
Past bare bones…
Past bare words…
Right down to bare spirit.

me & God.
mano y Omnipotent Creator.

He loves me so much that he’d sent his son, Jesus Christ, to take the entire world’s sins on his shoulders and die.

He knows my heart. He knows my thoughts. He knows my words. He knows my actions.

I get away with nothing.

Is my love for him pure?
Is my faith unwavering?

God gave us free will. It’s so hard to resist human temptations.

There’s a saying, “I’d rather beg forgiveness than ask permission” that helps some to make decisions.
That’s fine and dandy with our peers, as we live out our real-time lives.

But with God, while he is a forgiving God, he knows that that saying went through your head in the first place.
So, the whole procedural “beg for forgiveness” later thing doesn’t work so well.

I recently started a Bible study, published in Tabletalk magazine, with my wife. At the end of each page is an exercise entitled “Coram Deo.” In Latin, it literally means “before the face of God.”

So, going through the actions, through the motions, through the works is a nice thing. But what is it that really serves as the motivation?

I believe that the true calling of a Christian is to live one’s life Coram Deo.

And if I live my life before the face of God and glory in his grace and mercy, then all of the other “good” things will fall into place as I obey his commands.

Those actions won’t be done to prove, they’ll be done to demonstrate.

I’m praying everyday for strength and wisdom to do my best at living my life…

…Coram Deo.”

Funeral For A Friend

Peace Be With You Kevin
Peace Be With You Kevin

Ever get ahead of schedule on a project? Hardly ever right? Well, I can’t remember the last time it’s happened to me, except for right now.

It’s December 24, 2009, Christmas Eve as I write this, and we are getting ready for 5:00PM Mass, the Children’s Mass.

A few hours ago, my son and I attended a funeral for a friend.

Kevin and I were colleagues 14 years ago. His Family and my Family attend the same Church. his son is even younger than mine.

Kevin fought brain cancer, and had won, for the past eight years or so, maybe longer.

My Family and I were in Church when we heard the sad news this past Sunday.

Kevin went to Heaven. His funeral was beautiful. His life was beautiful.

Ever know someone, not well enough to be close friends, but well enough to call friend?