Our Choices Make Us The Other Side

He Prayed For Me On The iPhone

iPhone And Very Thick Book
iPhone And Very Thick Book

Ever have something nice, and completely unexpected happen?

Late yesterday, while I was still in the office (yes, on a Saturday), my iPhone rang. It was Keith.

Keith and I rode the same school bus for 12 years. I was best man in his wedding, which was like two days after we graduated from the Spring Grove Area High School, in 1977.

Keith lives in Hawaii now, but while he was back home last week in our small town, he said he heard from others about my Faith.

Keith, me and Jesus.

An unlikely trio.

Not any more.

(This may take a few days to explain)

Nobody Called

Nobody called me. I didn’t call anyone either.

Wanted to. Thinking back, it seemed like I had promised to.

Oh well. Today is another day. We all get a second chance today. Hopefully, we’ll take it.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend. Trick or treat. Happy Halloween.

I Wish We Were Better

If there is one thing that I (we) need to figure out, it’s how to become better at communicating with Family and friends in distant places. And if this is possible, it could bring a whole new level of peace and joy to life.

Upon an inventory of my life, this is the one area I feel disgustingly inadequate with. Seriously. It often causes me to feel hypocritical. Maybe I worry to much about this. Maybe not.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?