Dear Son

Dear Future me

Nursing home
Love you “Pop-Pop”. Photo: July 2016.


Dear Future me,

To wait until you are in desperate need of someone like Jesus, Muhammad, or God is to lose a lifetime of wonderful peace, contentment, and joy.

i love to feel a desperate need every day.

i love to feel a desperate need all day.

The three most magnificent days in your life were the day you were born, the day you figured out why, and the coming day when you’ll take your final breath.


• • • • •

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Prayers Please

Happy 31st anniversary Cheryl

Mental Floss magazine
Biggest questions? What is the secret to a marriage remaining intact?


In the future, marriage is likely to be considered an option rather than a traditional way of life.

Time will tell won’t it?

And speaking of telling… less than half of all marriages survive.

Less than half the people who got married are still married to the same person.

It is what it is.

June 25, 1983 and counting.

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Book Publishing

We see what we want to see, no?

happy couple buying Christmas tree in Orlando
Is the second half of our life the best to come?


Ever feel like something you cannot control (and probably don’t want to) is taking you in a direction you never dreamed of?

We see what we want to see, no?

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Journey On

Katie’s future is so bright, it reminds us of us

Back yard corn hole game
(L to R) Katie, Uncle Brad, Dad (giving wings to the cornhole toss bag)


Katie’s future is so bright, it reminds us of us.

For her parents, it must be the most exciting, and frightening, time of their lives.

Give them roots and give them wings.

Looks good on paper.

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Journey On

Back to the future and forward to the past

Stations of the cross
Christ crucified for the salvation of all humankind?


Windows open. Dawn is barely visible. Birds chirping up a storm. Spring is two days away and they know it. Spring fever.

Easter is 13 days away.


Fever for the passion – of the Christ!

This post goes public in 100 days (which is now if you’re reading this).

Remember back 100 days ago how we felt with Spring in the air?

And with Spring in the air, we’re any of us thinking about Independence day?

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