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Guard your generosity

Harvard Law tee shirt
“She’s a generous person. Just kidding”. See how weird that is. Doesn’t sound nearly as funny as this tee-shirt i saw two days ago.


Guard your generosity.

What a crime…

He was too generous.

May we all be guilty as charged.


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One Question A Day?

What if we could do this one thing as if our life depended on it?

Catholic Church
What if we could freely forgive, no matter what?


What if we always remember the forgiveness and generosity bestowed on us (even to this day), and we also remember when it was not – and use both to guide us in guiding our actions with others.

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This Might Change Your Life

Two free & accessible things having the power to change the world

LAX west runway next to Pacific Ocean
At the end of the world, turn right


Kindness and generosity have the power to change the world.

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Book Publishing

Generosity goes hand in hand with authenticity

screen shot from author's word document
Mid Life Celebration’s first book is being edited and some additions too


What’s the appropriate way to demonstrate gratitude?

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Stumble Upon

Spiritual enlightenment from a one-sentence blog comment?

A bug's life closeup photo
A bug’s life is a constant need to stay alive (at least until propagation has been completed)


In the giving, receiving.

In the receiving, change.

In change, growth.

In growth, peace.

Spiritual enlightenment from a one-sentence blog comment?

The first sentence was a spontaneous blog comment reply.

Then in a flash, the second sentence. Then the third, etc.

Then the enlightenment – a trusted path to peace.

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