Prayers Please

Don’t give up on God if you’re unable to attend Church

Disney landscape
a simple walk to the roof for fresh air can reveal untold blessings we take for granted


Don’t give up on God if you’re unable to attend Church. Truth be told, we’ve been missing quite a few Sunday Masses.

What frightens me is how easy it is to rationalize the absence, which then leads to another… and another.

God, so mercifully, provides us with unlimited opportunities for “Church” all day, everyday. Let’s use that to sustain us between physical visits.

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The great summer of 2012

The first symptom of the process of killing our dreams…

giving up on dreams
the writing's on the wall as they say

The first symptom in the process of killing our dreams is when we quietly, and repetitively say to ourselves, “I’d really like to, but I’m so busy at this time in my life”.

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Journey On

1 Top Tip For Not Quitting

The Blog Whisperer

One top tip for not quitting?


Does it amaze blog followers that The Blog Whisperer is still waking up, for 21 consecutive months, and writing five daily, different blogs?

It matters little to walk to do the preaching, if not the walking is the preaching.

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